My initial love as a boy was in drawing birds and animals, as I have aged my love of portrait drawing has matured.

I believe every artist brings their own unique abilities and ‘feel’ to artwork, it is essential to progress and grow by learning from other artists. I sought tuition and workshops from artists considered the top of their field, Kelvin Okafor, Mike Sibley and Gary Hodges.

I like to hear comments and am happy to discuss any requirement you may have so get in touch with me.

"When you love doing something, it always shows in the finished work."

Fascinated by detail
The ability to look at something, replicate that subject matter on paper with a pencil from an early age…

Falling in love
The way that graphite and charcoal can be manipulated using various techniques to reproduce what I see.. For me using a pencil is much more ‘organic‘ and free to say using paint.

Eyes are the window to the soul
Nothing depicts emotion and feeling more than the human face.

Eyes are windows to the soul
For me nothing depicts emotion and feeling more than the human face